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Simlipal Tourism

Simlipal is an interesting place that can be easily spotted in the Mayurbhanj district of Orissa. The perfect and most pleasing time to travel to Simlipal comes between the months of November and June. And the prominent entry point into the Simlipal City is Pithabata, which remains at a distance of 22 Km from Baripada. Simlipal India spreads over expansive land area of 2750 sq. Km. The overall charm of this place gets accentuated by the presence of extraordinary wildlife, Natures gifted greenery and beauty comprising g of breathtaking waterfalls, tall mountain peaks, flowing rivers, and amazing meadows, etc. draws a large number of tourists to witness it. The Simlipal National Park is a prominent attraction of Simlipal Orissa and it sprawls over the land area of 303 sq. Km. The park appears lively with the rich deciduous forests and with the frequent rains. And when it comes to the wildlife residing in this park, ones concentration sticks there only.

It would definitely be extremely astounding to you to know the fact that this park is a more than comfortable home to around 1076 mammal species, 231 bird species as well as a variety of 29 reptiles. The sight of Bengal tigers, crocodiles, Asian elephants, etc. is definite to leave you awed. You also spot here Semul trees, also called the trees of red and cotton silk that are actually known for giving name to this park. People are well acquainted with the name of Biosphere Reserve that was given to it in the year 2009 by UNESCO. The park lies at an elevation of 560 meters and it casts its charm on you by drawing you towards it, the moment you enter the Simlipal City. This is because here you spot the fragrant Champak flowers as well as colorful orchids as well as vast greenery spreading all over.

One also comes across an array of fertile rivers such as the Khairi River, Palpala River, Budhabalanga River, Salandi River, etc. adding to the vibrancy of Simlipal India. In addition to this, you also spot the beautiful Joranda Falls as well as the Barehipani Falls that together stay there to mesmerize you through in the very zones of the national park. For wildlife enthusiasts and Nature lovers, this park is a source of ultimate fun and adventure and therefore, one just can't control oneself in forgetting everything else as the park has so much to offer.

As you travel to Simlipal, you get the chance to visit numerous worthwhile places and Baripada is one of them. Here you get to witness the vibrant Chaitra Parva festival and the popular Rath Yatra. Other significant nearby places include Kuliana where the Paleolithic articles would amuse you or the Deokung, which is a well known residence of goddess Ambika. Haripur and Bhimkunda are other attractions in the proximity that really deserve your visit and remain as important part of your Simlipal Travel Guide. Therefore, do make it a point to head towards Simlipal Orissa and make the most of your amazing wildlife tour.


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