Best Time to Visit Puri

Best Time to Visit Puri

Puri has Nature’s beauty that welcomes you at any time. Yes, you can visit Puri, no matter which month of the year it is. However, still there are the most feasible months, when Puri’s charm is at its peak. In the time from November to February, Puri appears to be extremely pleasant because of the awesome weather and therefore, it is considered to be the best time to visit Puri. However, if you don’t want to meet huge crowds, then you can choose to visit it during the period between June and July. At this time, you can have the amazing sight of the famous Chariot festival.

And those who don't like the sticky weather of the rainy season must not visit Puri in the rainy that falls between June to September. In the monsoon months, it is safe as well as good not to visit the beach areas, since in addition to the extreme humidity there is the danger of sea water getting violent.

Those who are attracted y the Jagannath Temple and the Rath Yatra make consider the months of June and July as the best time to visit Puri. In brief, the climate of Puri is quite soothing and pleasant. Therefore, you can visit it whenever you like.


Maximum Temperature: 36 Degree Celsius

Minimum Temperature: 27 Degree Celsius



Maximum Temperature: 25 Degree Celsius

Minimum Temperature: 15 Degree Celsius

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