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Konark is much admired by people from across the globe and its Konark tourism which is extremely vibrant in all respects has a contributed a lot in giving it a unique identity. As you navigate through our Konark travel guide, you are likely to have too much of excitement since the list and charm of the plethora of tourist attractions make you more than ready to travel to Konark. You only need to cover a distance of around 64 Km from Bhubaneswar in order to reach the bewitching Konark Temple placed in the famous zone of Konark. The credit for the entire formation of the temple goes to the King Narsimhadev who has thereafter become a memorable personality in the history. The temple is an awesome spectacle noticed by the tourists making the most of Konark Tourism Orissa. The Surya deity of the temple is much revered and therefore your Konark travel guide just can’t think of not including this temple in the list of the places to visit here.

In spite of being half distorted, the temple has much to offer to the viewer. The well engraved designs over the chariot wheels, the structural appearance in the form of a pyramid, as well as an array of amazing sculptures that is erotic in appearance in every way just can’t elude your eyes. This commonly referred Black Pagoda used to be of great assistance to the European sailors as they traveled through the sea to reach Calcutta. This name was provided to this temple to set it apart from the different colored Jagannath temple. Today, this Black Pagoda is quite nicely serving Konark tourism.

We would also like to tell you that Konark tourism in Konark is filled with the beauty of numerous other attractions as well. One of such attractions is the Konark Archeological Museum, which is more than enough to astound you through a total of 260 antique items that actually belong to the temple. Adding to the amusement of the tourists is another piece of attraction, well provided by nature and that is none other than the splendid Konark Beach. The beach has a usual enthralling appeal which promotes Konark tourism Orissa and turns the attention and interest of the visitors towards it, who feel like prolonging their visit here. Watching the sunset and sunrise is the main thing they intend to do on this beach, which is only 3 Km away from this temple.

Your Konark travel guide Orissa also consists of other noteworthy spots that really require your visit as you travel to Konark. The closely located Ramachandi Temple as well as the ruins of the ancient Mayadevi Temple are the attraction that must not be missed out by any visitor coming to explore Konark. Among the popular festivals that draw tourists, you have the Konark Dance Festival, in which Odissi, Manipuri, Kathak dances tickle your fancy. Magna Saptami is another festival in Konark that deserve your attention.


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