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Chilka Lake Puri, Chilika Lake

Adorning the very splendid coastal regions of the Puri district, you get perfectly astounded by the amazing spectacle called the Chilika (Chilka) Lake Puri that contributes a lot in making Puri an extremely attractive destination to view and enjoy. Visit Chilika (Chilka) Lake, the wonderful lake showcasing its brakish waters in the major districts, named as Ganjam, Puri and Khurda in Orissa and get more than surprised to know about the expansive area of 1,100 sq. Km. that encompasses this vibrant lake. The lake possesses abundance of flora and fauna that helped it in attaining the status of a sanctuary in the year 1987.

The beauty of this lake really gets ameliorated due to the existence of different islands such as the Breakfast Island or the Honeymoon that catch your eyes with emerald green color as well as the Nalabana Island, recognized as a well developed sanctuary or the Kalijai Island, which is known as the dwelling place of goddess Kalijai. Other important islands here are the Parikud Island, the Birds Island as well as the Malud Island. When you see Chilika (Chilka) Lake peppered with these exotic islands, it becomes very difficult for you to control your wonderment.

And during the extremely chilled winter season, there is something that you just can’t afford to miss out as you visit this lake. Yes, you must make it a point to see Chilika (Chilka) Lake flocked with the amusing sight of the migratory birds traveling from places such as distant Siberia that make this lake their choicest habitat. Undoubtedly, this lake is the ultimate heaven for those who have great penchant for beholding the interesting sight of beautiful birds, usually chirping and at other times making ample amount of spaces to fit themselves in their new residences.

In addition to the above mentioned information about the Chilika (Chilka) Lake Puri, there is much more that we would like to acquaint you with. You would definitely get more than excited to see that this lake is really much admired for the mesmerizing sunset and sun rise. Moreover, the multifarious fish variety is likely to enamor you to the fullest as you go for your splendid boat ride and indulge into the joy giving sport of fishing. Boating opportunities are galore close to the place called Satapada, where the frequent glimpse of playful dolphins gets you in the perfect mood of utmost adventure and fun. Satpada is a significant spot to behold as you visit Chilika Lake because it is here that the water of this lake meets the water of the colossal ocean and close to this spot only, you have Puri, which can be easily reached.

You can choose to visit Chilika (Chilka) Lake all through the winter season, when the population of animal and birds appears to be quite big. The sight of black bucks, mangoose, cheetals, fishing cats, porcupines, monkeys, etc. instantly gives you a complete hair-raising experience. But really, it is something that is so interesting that you would not feel like going anywhere else, away from this lake.

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