Bhubaneswar Tourism

Bhubaneswar Tourism

Bhubaneswar is an enthralling place that reminds you of the Kalinga kingdom that existed here in the history. The beautiful city attained the contemporary aspect of modernity and commercialization in the year 1946 and it was embellished with the architural beauty and design introduced by a well known German architect named as Otto Königsberger. It is in this intriguing Bhubaneswar City that you find a series of historic temples dotted over its significant parts. The prominent temples of Puri and Konark add to the overall glory and charm of this city. Not only are the temples the source of fame to this place. In fact, the not to be ignored and absolutely eye catching art work, famously called the appliqué work of Pipli also give a distinct recognition to Bhubaneswar in Orissa. In addition to this, some other popular things of this place include the amazing cane furniture, the enticing Ikat sarees as well as the Bidri ware, delineating the very art of Orissa. Moreover, the famous Orissa dance form also can’t elude your fancy.

Some of the popular Tourist attractions of Bhubaneswar that you come across as you travel to Bhubaneswar are listed below:

Ekamra Haat: This is one of the popular places in Orissa, where you spot a nice union of art and culture, well portrayed in front of you. The charge of its maintenance is of IDCO. On coming here, one gets more than fascinated by the splendid structural design and the captivating greenery encircling it. One also finds oneself drooling over the scrumptious food that can be had here while simultaneously navigating through it. A small pond containing lilies accompanied by a water fountain also makes this spot very attractive. It can be called as a place where ethnic and traditional items created by the talented artisans are easily available to you.

Orissa or Odisha State Museum: As you head towards the Lewis Road of the Bhubaneswar City Tours, you find this museum that quite effectively portrays the primitive archeological items that are of great historical importance. Among these items, you have sculptures associated with Jains and Buddhists, historical paintings, engravings related to Kalinga, musical apparatus, manuscripts written over palm leaves, copper plates, primitive weapons, etc.

Orissa or Odisha Modern Art Gallery: Showcasing the exquisite Orissan art, mainly belonging to the modern times, you have this art gallery which quite nicely presents you with wood carvings, serigraphy, eye catching sculptures, etc, that together tell a lot about the sheer lifestyle and its various dimensions

Bindusagar Lake: The amazing Bindusagar Lake is quite popular among the tourists who make it a point to celebrate picnic and have fun with their friends at this spot.

Popular Temples: Bhubaneswar in Orissa, as we have already mentioned above, is home to numerous popular temples. The significant ones include the Lingaraj Temple with Lord Shiva being the residing deity, the Rajarani Temple formed of sandstone in red and golden color, the Mukteshwar Temple reflecting the famous Kalingan architecture, etc. All these attractions are an important part of your Bhubaneswar Travel Guide and they add extra glitter to the popularity of Bhubaneswar.

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