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Puri Travel Guide helps you to explore the beauty of this bewitching tourist place where the assortment of holy temples, exotic beaches and the rushing waves of the Bay of Bengal in the proximity give more than one reason to tourists as well as devotees to get into the groove of all that is there in its store. With this marvelous Puri Tourist Guide, you come to know that the culture and heritage of the Puri City is amazingly vibrant and the famous Jagannath Temple remains to be the biggest drawer of the crowd of Hindu devotees every year. Now, allow us to acquaint you with the amazing sightseeing of Puri that is nicely listed in the travel guide.

In order to attain the blessings of Jagannath Temple, people visit Puri from distant areas. No one can afford to miss out the Rath Yatra Festival which is of extreme importance. In addition to this, the vibrant culture of Puri Orissa also unveils the grace of various popular dances such as the Odissi dance, the Naga dance, the Medha dance and the Gotipua dance. There is a lot to explore at this amazing religious land, amidst the marvelous Puri Beach. So, visit Puri to have an enchanting experience for the lifetime.

Puri Beaches

Puri Beach: The beautiful Puri City casts an enchanting spell on you visit its Puri beach where people are found enjoying the leisurely stroll over the apparent golden sands or taking a holy dip into the waters.

Swargdrwar Beach: This is another important beach of Puri India, which also has sacred aspect attached to it. The beach stays away from the city crowd and is much liked for its peaceful nature. Moreover, the beach used to be frequented by Shri Chaitanya Mahadev who never misses to take a holy bath into it.

Chilka Lake: As you travel to Puri, you get the chance to come really closer to the splendid salt water lagoon, called the Chilika Lake, which is quite well known for its vast expanse that spreads to the Khodra, Ganjam as well as the Puri districts that are the significant in Orissa. A series of beautiful migratory birds take refuge here by travelling long distances. People enjoy various water sports here and witness the rich plant and animal life that is found over the Nalbana Island


Temples in Puri

Jagannath Temple: This sacred has been the greatest visited spot since the 12th century, the period in which it was brought into existence by Ananta Varman, the ruler of the Ganga Dynasty. Devotees coming here het absolutely astonished to see the impressive Kalinga style of architecture and at the same time, they get all the more religious when their dream of beholding the holy sight of Lord Jagannath, Goddess Subhadra and Balbhadra get realized. Undoubtedly, the temple is regarded as the glory of Puri Orissa.


Gundicha Temple Puri

Other significant temples that are dotted over the sacred land of Puri Orissa include the renowned Gunicha Temple where the holy trinity of Puri resides for seven days, the Markandesvara Temple, the Laxmi Temple, the Ganesha Temple, the Markandesvara Temple, the Vimala Temple as well as the Sakshi Gopal Temple. All these temples together add to the extreme holy appeal and charm that is so easily visible in Puri. Therefore, do make it a point to come to Orissa and explore all the attractions of Puri, a visit to which is indispensible.


Konark Sun Temple: Konark is a small town in the district Puri and is 65 kms from Bhubaneswar, the Temple City of India. Konark is the site of World Heritage Sun Temple. Built in 13th century, Sun Temple is popularly known as the Black Pagoda. It was built by king Narasimhadeva in black granite. The temple is made in the form of Chariot of Surya(the Sun God). The Sun Temple is as unique as Taj Mahal in Agra. The breathtaking architecture of the Sun Temple at Konark in Odisha (Orissa) attracts large number of tourists all around the world.


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