Puri Jagannath Temple

Puri Jagannath Temple

Photo of Lord Jagannath Puri Temple

Jagannath Puri Temple, Orissa is prominent and apparent glory of Orissa which has made the place completely illustrious and much frequented. The holy charm that can be viewed in the very appearance of the Lord Jagannath is spread over the entire structure of the Jagannath Temple, Puri, just can’t elude anyone sight as well as imagination. The overall design of the temple is greatly admired for the exquisite and brilliant architecture marking its presence and at the same time making it a masterpiece. The temple is considered to be the renowned inheritance from the Ganga Dynasty that was there in the 12th century. Lord Jagannath is the worshipped by the devotees as the revered lord ruling the entire universe and this temple is the wonderful dedication to the lord. All those who are diehard devotees of the lord must instantly grab the Lord Jagannath Temple tour packages that are likely to sift through the very interiors of the temple as well as through the chief attractions peppered over the Puri city. So, allow yourself to be a part of the tours.

The sacred idols of the deities residing in the Jagannath Puri Temple Orissa are composed in margosa wood and the big bright eyes appear to gaze at you with immense love and compassion. Moreover, the entire attire of the gods and the goddess comprising of bright colored cotton and silk fabrics is also so charming that you eventually find yourselves completely glued to the holy images. The impressive jewelry and the fragrant flowers accompanied by the incense of sandalwood add a unique kind of beauty to the entire sacred aroma of the popular Jagannath Temple, Puri. There are various other gods as well including Bhudevi, Sudarshan, Sridevi and Madhaba who dwell in the Jagannath Temple and gracefully accompany the presence of the trinity.>

As you avail the Lord Jagannath Tour Packages, you get the chance of viewing the extremely appealing sight of the Ratha Yatra that passes with a buzz through the alleys of Puri and proceed towards the Gundicha Temple that ultimately becomes the holy abode for the deities for a period of seven days, and this sacred phenomenon every year takes place mainly in the month of June or July. The festival becomes the marvel of the eyes of thousands of devotees who actually get fascinated with the appearance of the chariot beautifully adorned with appliqué fabric with vibrant hues, where the deities sit majestically, witnessing the love of their devotees for them.

It is not only the Rath Yatra that tickles your fancy as you come for your tours. In fact, there are other festivals as well that are of extreme significance. There exists the Snana Yatra festival the holy trinity of Puri bathes ceremonially with a total of 108 water buckets right in the very interiors of the temple, which is considered to be very auspicious. The Chandan Yatra, the Dola Yatra, Dakshinaayan Sankranti, Paarshwa Parivartana, Deva Uttahapana, etc. are other captivating festiovals that are an important part of you Jagannath.

Besides the Rath Yatra, the Jagannath celebrates a series of festivals on auspicious days of the Hindu calendar. On Dola Yatra, Bhudevi, Sreedevi and Dologobinda take to their annual sojourn to Dolabedi. During the Snana Yatra festival, Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra, Sudarshan and Madanmohan are bathed with 108 pitchers of water in the temple compound.

Other important festivals observed at the Jagannath Temple are Chandan Yatra, Sayan Ekadasee, Dakhinaayan Sankranti, Makar Sankranti, Deva Uthaapana, Praavaran Sashthee and Paarshwa Parivartana.

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