Conferences in Toshali Sands, Puri Hotel

Conferences in Toshali Sands Puri

Address : Konark Marine Drive, Puri

Toshali Sands is an elegant and lavishly designed resort of Puri in Orissa over a colossal area of 30 acres, whose glory gets ameliorated with the beautiful sprawling gardens along with the surrounding attractions. Business professionals wish to have their conferences in Toshali Sands, Puri so that they can easily give a successful turn to their business. The mesmerizing beauty of the Balghai Beach and the more than charming appeal of the Konark Marine Drive as well as the richness of coconut palms form an exceptionally wonderful setting to hold conferences. Truly, Toshali Sands is a much admired conference destination in Puri, since it has everything that a corporate professional seeks in order to add more professionalism to their businesses. It is not only one of the best business meeting venues, but it is also the ideal place for holding wedding parties and huge gatherings.

So, all those who have a long cherished dream of conducting the most significant business conference in Puri must head turn their way towards Toshali Sands. There exist high end and well furnished and decorated conference halls in this resort that are more than sufficient in the accomplishment of all your corporate needs. The halls are capable of providing a seating for around 400 to 1000 business and other guests. With modern and contemporary technology and completely stylish furnishings, every guest is likely to feel more than elated. One can easily and effectively conduct his speech sessions in the conference halls over here that possess all the latest audio visual technical devices, which enhance your confidence and at the same time exalts the overall reputation of your organization and business. And due to this reason, your conference in India acquires a high status.

Holding conference at Toshali Sands is also significant and beneficial because the resort is situated in an area that stays at a distance from the disturbing hustle and bustle. The absolutely peaceful and serene environment makes it a much yearned and absolutely perfect location. Corporate guests get a nice relief here because at this resort, amidst the extremely pleasant setting, they do not have to put extra pressure on their minds. The very air and splendor of the resort helps in giving new business ideas that become the most instant and good solutions to all kinds of business problems. The guests also feel more than pleased to experience the extraordinary comfort and luxury through the finest accommodation provided by this business conference venue.

Apart from fulfilling the business and accommodation needs of the guests, Toshali Sands also is well known for satisfying the tastes of food lovers. This serves as an additional benefit for the business guests. Moreover, other leisure guests also get captivated through this resort because for them also banquet facilities are highly impressive and well marked with sheer ambiance. So, do make it a point to choose this resort for all your meetings in India and bask in the everlasting advantage.

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